Okay, so after hours, days or maybe even weeks of great rumination, you’ve made a decision. You’re going to try an escort service.

But now you’re stumped. You don’t know how to go ahead with it. Your brain is on overdrive. Confidence has bid you a tearful farewell. The whole shebang.

Now you’re right to think that there are no Youtube tutorials or Kindle eBooks or fevered dreams from divine forces that are going to guide you through this. So here’s a little friendly advice about to enter the world of escort services.

Transaction’s the key word. You’re paying hard-earned money for a service. You’re a buyer. So you do what you do with any potential purchase: research. Once you find yourself a few different escort services, read everything you can about them. Scour through their websites. Browse their catalogues. Maybe even skim through a couple of testimonials. Your shortlist will get shorter.

Once you’ve made your decision on what escort service you’re going to be using, register, and see what wonderful escorts they offer. Begin your correspondence with an escort of your choice, but remember: be yourself and be nice. Being rude and being crude’s not going to get you far.

When you’re sufficiently acquainted with your chosen escort, it’s time to meet. Ask them out on a date. Choose an occasion. Wear something nice. Make good conversation. Keep it classy. And easiest to forget: have fun.

There’s a good chance you might meet someone you feel you’re not compatible with. That’s okay. You can give them another chance or choose another person. Take it a step at a time. Build a healthy relationship. Like any relationship, allow progress to be spontaneous. Don’t make it look like you’re rushing things into the bedroom. Let the waltz into bed be organic. If you have successfully charmed your escort, then worry not for you wouldn’t be weighed down by the burden of making the first move.

Approaching escort services with confidence is vital. Get it right and you might unlock a part of yourself that you never knew existed.